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            Irish Voice [New York], June 17, 1998
Magazine. Syracuse Herald American, June 14, 1998.

            Syracuse Post Standard, April 12, 1989.

            Irish Echo [New York], May 16, 1988.

            Providence Journal-Bulletin, March 17, 1988.

            Celtic Fringe [Chicago], September, 1986.

            Humanities [Washington], February, 1984. 

Articles (selected)

“A Primer of Irish Numbers,” Irish Spirit, ed. Patricia Monaghan. Dublin: Wolfhound Press, 2001. Pp. 111-119.

“Politics and Spelling Irish, or Thirteen Ways of Looking at ‘Banshee,’” Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, 27, no. 2 (Dec., 1991), 93-102.

“Fitzgerald’s Gatsby: Star of Stag and Screen,” The Recorder: A Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, 3, no. 2 (Winter, 1989), 76-88.

“Fionn mac Cumhaill, Our Contemporary,” Myth et folklore celtiques et leurs expressions literaires en Irlande, ed. R. Alluin et B. Esbarbelt. Lille, Fr: Université de Lille, 1986 (1988). Pp. 69-90.

The Quiet Man Speaks,” Working Papers in Irish Studies [Northeastern University, Boston], 87-2/3 (Spring, 1987), 32-44.

“Meville’s Bartleby on Film,” American Short Stories on Film, ed. E. Alsen. Munich: Langenscheidt-Longman, 1986. Pp. 101-116.

“Ireland and the Movies: From the Volta Cinema to RTÉ,”Éire-Ireland, 18, no. 3 (Summer, 1984), 7-22.

The Hungry Grass: Richard Power’s Pastoral Elegy,” Éire-Ireland, 18, no. 3 (Fall, 1983), 86-99.

“Yeats, Joyce and the Irish Language,” Éire-Ireland, 15, no. 1 (Spring, 1980), 138-148.

“Finn MacCool: The Hero and the Anti-Hero,” Views of the Irish Peasantry, 1800-1916, ed. D. Casey and R. E. Rhodes. Hamden, Ct: Archon Books, 1977. Pp. 86-106.

“Ulster Violence in Fiction,” Conflict in Ireland, ed. E. A. Sullivan and H. A. Wilson. Gainesville: University of Florida, Department of Behavioral Studies, 1976. Pp. 131-151.

“Yeats and the Gaelic Muse,” Antigonish Review, no. 11 (Autumn, 1972), 96-109.

Also in World Book Encyclopedia (six entries), International Fiction Review, Syracuse University Magazine, Cithara.